About mosycon

Each day we receive information about new functionalities that from this moment are enabled by mobile devices. Today mobile phones can be used not only for making calls, but also for e-mail account access, buying goods or accessing bussiness application (e.g. for task review).


Several producers of mobile devices have introduced a process which enables mobile application developers to share (and not only share) their created applications. The pioneer of this process was Apple. Now similar processes are used by RIM (Research in Motion), Google, Nokia.


Mosycon is a group of people who are interested in mobile applications development. Our goal is to look inside into the process that enables to create software for smart-phones and share this software between smart-phone users. You can review all applications that we created in our site under Products title.


In case You have any suggestions concerning our applications or an idea that you would like to share with us please feel free and leave Your comment in our Support section.