Decision cube

Do you have difficulties deciding how to spend your Friday night? Can't choose which girl or boy to date? Can't decide where to go on your holiday? What present to give to your wife on her 50th birthday or a wedding anniversary? What business decision should be taken? The decision cube can help! Enter your possible choices (text or photo) and SHAKE or press GO! The decision will come in a second. We promise that from now on Your decision making process will be easy and fun. Decision cube You can download from iTunes store



  • 3D graphics is used for Decision cube presentation.
  • Enter your 6 possibilities in text or take a photo.
  • Decision cube starts operating after you shake your iPhone or press the "GO" button.
  • The decision is chosen using random algorithm.

p.s. The Decision cube is provided for entertainment purposes only. No advise obtained by you from The Decision Cube shall create any warranty.


Functionality description

All decission cube functionality can be divided into two parts: Decision maker part and possible decision definition part.

On this screen You can see what pictures are set on the cube. You can do that by simply rotating the cube (drag Your finger over it). If You would like to change cube's possible decision options press the button "Settings" and change the cube as You wish (You can either enter a text or put a photo from iPhone camera). When You have changed the cube options according to Your needs and wishes then it's time to make Your decision! Just shake Your iphone or press the button "GO". After this the cube will start random rotation.
In the Settings window of The Decision Cube You can perform the following application customization:
  1. Manage the sound. Using this control You can turn on/off the sound
  2. Select the side of the cube that will be customized
  3. Choose the type of contents that will be used for each of cube's sides. If You turn the camera "on" then You get the possibility to take the picture and place it on the shape's side. Otherwise You can enter the text (max 15 symbols) that will be placed on the selected cube side.
  4. Use the button that turns on the iphone photo camera and enables you to take the picture, edit (resize, move)it and place it on the selected cube side
  5. Preview the selected cube side. After You take the picture the application will present how it will look on the cube shape.
  6. Set Default options. Customized pictures will be presented on the cube as long as You don't press the "Set default" button. After pressing it the system will automatically return default pictures on to the decision cube

Incident registration

If You find any errors or have any suggestions concerning the improvement of functionality or usability please let us know about that. Information can be posted in Support section.