Unfortunately to all the owners and fans of smart phones the ordinary mobile phones have about 80 percent share of the entire mobile market. And occasionally it happens that we need to send contact information to the user of ordinary mobile phone. Usually we are not sure if the recipient has the possibility to receive contact information via MMS or e-mail. Even if he has such a possibility we can hardly be certain that he knows how to use it (e.g. the elderly). But definitely the recipient has a possibility to receive SMS messages. And most often people even know how to read it :) So taking this serious issue into account we tried to create the application that would enable to send contact information via SMS. You can download SMSCard from iTunes store

Functionality description

SMSCard enables You to send contact phone information via SMS. The app allows You to select the contact from Your address book. It makes it possible to send exactly the phone numbers that You want, e.g. You can choose whether You would like to send contact's work number, home number or both by simply checking the required square. Then naturally You press the button „SMS send“. After this You are redirected to an SMS window where You simply have to select recipient phone number and double click on SMS text area and paste the contact. On pressing the button „SEND“ Your generated contact information will be sent to recipient. The recipient will receive Your message as a contact card.

Incident registration

If You find any errors or have any suggestions concerning the improvement of functionality or usability please let us know about that. Information can be posted in Support section.