SMSCard new functionality

The possibility to send email contact to the recipient was added. In case if the selected person contact has email information this information will be shown in the application. You can select what email should be included into your message. More information can be found in application description page

Poker Clock

In case if You decide to play Poker and periodically increase bet than „The Poker Timer“ is just for You. The application allows You to choose the time period after which the bet should be increased and the tune that should be used for period expiration notification. More information about this application can be found in Poker clock application description

SMSCard for Sale

We start year 2010 with some good news for iPhone owners. From this moment on You will have a possibility to share your contacts via SMS. Thanks to our new application SMScard now the users of ordinary mobile phones will be able to receive and read any phone number information from You. You can find more information in the product section SMSCard.

New design

We are glad to present to you our new home page design. We believe that this home page will help introduce our customers to our new activities and products.

Decision cube for sale

We are glad to inform You that our first mobile application is already for sale. It is called "The Decision cube". This application lets You define 6 possible answers to your question and helps You choose one answer.

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